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  1. ACADPRO is an e-governance solution for institutions of higher education especially professional institution like engineering, medical etc.
  2. This product gives complete solution to all 'ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATION' of an institution.
  3. The system will be run in the WAN of the institution, while for remote users we use SSL/VPN through internet. All other public information can be posted in the institution website. The above system is advised if an institution wants ensure data security and confidentiality.
  4. We configure 'Rules and Regulations' of the programs offered by the college and its system of academic administration including 'Time Table Planning', Lesson Planning, Teaching Planning, etc., we also configure the entire infrastructure of the college as per their use (allotment of classrooms, labs etc to department).
  5. The product is developed using both 'Fat' and 'thin' client ie it is developed using VB and .net as front end and SQL Server 2005 as back end.
  6. General
    • The faculty members must be punctual to duty.
    • To come well prepared for the class and stay focused on the topic/content .
    • To mark attendance on time as per college policy.
    • The Staff must complete the evaluation work of Continuous internal evaluation (CIE) and Semester End Examinations (SEE) as per evaluation process.
    • The staff must attend Workshop, Seminar, and Conference as per college policy.
  7. Academic
    • To conduct the assigned classes as per schedule.
    • To maintain the record of lesson plans and other relevant documents of the courses handled.
    • To implement designated curriculum with the said objectives.
    • The faculty shall share information, work on projects, etc to improve Teaching and Learning Process.
  8. Class Room Management
    • Be organized & Work in a planned and systematic direction
    • Involve visual and activity based learning wherever possible.
    • Provide real time case studies as and whenever possible. (Employ appropriate strategies to achieve desired objective of learning)
    • To evaluate the test answer books within the stipulated time of academic calendar.
    • The faculty member shall meet all the academic and evaluation deadlines prescribed from time to time
    • Shall not pre-pone, post-pone, let-off or suspend a scheduled class without authorization from the concerned HOD/Principal
  9. Student Related
    • The Staff Shall motivate students to show interest and learn the most.
    • To provide students a detailed set of possible questions for all the topics in order to guide/prepare them for enhancing their knowledge & face the examinations confidently
    • Keep the parents appraised about the academic progress and general behavior of their wards
    • The Staff help students to do minor educational projects in related area/topics to improve their analytical and self-learning skills.

  10. Architecture
    • Operating System – Windows 2003 server
    • Data Base – SQL Server 2005
    • Development Tool – Microsoft .net, VB-6.0
    • Web server – IIS 6.0

  11. Salient Features
    • Lesson Planning and Teaching Planning.
    • Dynamic Calendar and TimeTable Management.
    • Continuous Assessment.
    • Efficient Time Management.
    • Enforce Accountability with Responsibilities.
    • Increase Operational Performance.
    • Strong MIS.